Whoever you are—teacher, parent, student, administrator, concerned citizen—if you are attracted to the issues, concepts, and controversies that swirl around education today, from pre-K through post-doc, the Passionate Teacher Network is a place to find others who share your concerns and your hopes.

Our Network is loosely based on Rob Fried’s three books, The Passionate Teacher, The Passionate Learner, and The Game of School (see The Books).  But its intent is to broaden the dialogue and allow folks to share ideas, dilemmas, strategies, and resources focused on the pursuit of “authentic learning” and “passionate teaching” at all levels and among all learners and educators. 

As of its inception, in 2006, our Network offers three sites: 1) an invitation to join a group, via Google Groups, that will allow you to connect with other folks; 2) descriptions of Fried’s books, with info on how to obtain signed copies; 3) contact info on Rob Fried for possible consultations, training, presentations, etc.  We hope that, as folks join the conversation and areas of interest emerge, other useful avenues will develop.

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